The cots of wisdom tooth removal may vary

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost?

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The cots of wisdom tooth removal may varyDealing With the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth — so-called because they tend to erupt from the gums when you’re in your late teens or early 20s — often end up impacted inside the jaw, cavity-ridden because they can be difficult to clean, and painful because they can erupt in tight spots, affecting your other teeth. Removing them is a common procedure, and insurance often pays for most or all of the procedure.

Costs in General

What you’ll pay and what we charge vary according to your insurance plan, the number of teeth you need removed, and the type of procedure needed to get the teeth out. For simple tooth extractions — you’re getting the teeth pulled out, they’re not impacted and they’re partially erupted like other teeth — you’re looking at somewhere between $230 to $365 for one tooth extracted with local anesthesia.

Extract more teeth, use a sedative or general anesthesia, undergo surgery for an impacted tooth that hasn’t erupted yet or that is still encased in the bone of your jaw, and the cost goes up. For example, removing one impacted tooth using general anesthesia can cost in the neighborhood of $640 – $1100. Many times, surgeons will determine the use of two anesthesia units is necessary for pain management, and therefore, varying costs for anesthesia can increase the total cost of surgery.

If you want to get all four wisdom teeth removed at once — often a more convenient choice — your overall costs will be reduced since the procedure is being done all at once. For example, we would be administering anesthesia only once for multiple teeth versus multiple appointments where you may have only one tooth removed per appointment.

How to Pay For Tooth Removal Services

Dental insurance typically covers a portion, most, or all wisdom tooth removal costs but depends on your plan.  We participate with many insurance companies, and for those we do not participate with they will still reimburse you for the procedure.  However, the reimbursement rate is specific to your plan, deductibles, and other group or plan specific limitations.  To get the most accurate reimbursement schedule, please contact your insurance company directly.

At Fairfax Oral Surgery, we make the process easy and will file your claim so that you don’t have to deal with complex paperwork.  We can also get more specific estimated costs for you once we know exactly what needs to be done.

We have top-of-the-line surgical facilities and highly skilled oral surgeons, and that means you’re going to spend less time undergoing a procedure, have swifter recovery times and experience less pain in general.

Don’t Ignore Your Teeth

Obviously, if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, you’re probably not going to consider keeping them. But if they’re not causing you an obvious problem even if they’re impacted, you might think it’s cheaper to ignore them. However, if your teeth are impacted, they can start to push against the adjacent teeth, moving them out of line and creating bite problems that could result in chipped teeth and difficulty chewing. If you’ve got one erupted tooth and no corresponding tooth on the other jaw, that erupted tooth could supra-erupt, meaning it could continue to grow and cause damage to your gums when you try to chew.

And finally, even if all four wisdom teeth have erupted just fine, they can be so hard to reach with a toothbrush that they can all form cavities easily. If you do find that they are beginning to form cavities, rather than spending time and money getting those filled and refilled as years go by, extracting them could be more convenient.

Recovery time actually isn’t that long, even if you have all four teeth removed in one appointment. The exact length of time varies from person to person, but you’ll find that you can resume eating normally and go back to work rather quickly.

Our oral surgeons at Fairfax Oral Surgery are among the top in the country and have the best reputations in the community. We can identify what’s happening with your teeth and find solutions that are tailored to your specific situation. While wisdom tooth removal is generally considered safe, don’t let just anyone perform the procedure.  Our surgeons undergo advanced anesthesia training to ensure you are receiving the highest standard of care.

Contact Fairfax Oral Surgery if you believe you are having an issue with your wisdom teeth or if you have a referral from your dentist and you are ready to have them extracted.


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